Sunday, February 14, 2010

Designing is taking....

So, here's the deal I know I'm sucking at posting right now but I have a progress update, this poster is one of my favs and there were only a select few to be produced, so I snatched one right up and it has been sitting unframed for over a year needed some love. So, progress people yes yours truly has finally decided to frame this bad boy and it turned out so beautifully that I want to put it on all the walls of my house, no really but I can't DECIDE, hello dilemma, don't wanna make a wrong decision now do I this is a HUGE deal I mean life or death because I really need a design pick me up at this point and something to go right before my parents see my disaster of a home and the credibility of my ability to design is destroyed. On a second note with design it's in the wrong that you learn the right and a certain amount of mistakes will actually make you a better designer in the end, and then there's the times when you accidentally make something look fabulous without trying and those are the best days!!! Love those days, but anyhooo now that I have gone off on this long tangent, I love my poster and I think I will FOR LIKE EVER!



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