Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Party before the party (New Years)

Last night my husband and I had a party with a few friends and we watched the above movie Coraline we got all cosy on the couch with blankets and hot tea dimmed the lights and embarked on a real adventure in front of our giant flat screen tv, it was better than the movies I tell ya, oh and the movie absolutely great I loved it, although there were times in the movie it got beyond bizarre it was intensely creative none the less and I was loving it. Did I mentioned that we watched it in 3-D? Yeah, we did, we totally nerded out on the couch with those ridiculous looking things on our heads and it was a beautiful thing ladies and gentlemen 3-D is the way to go when watching this movie! I will be adding this to my collection of the beloved dvd collection soon, check it out for your self, especially if you have a creative mind beyond imagination you will love it!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

E {in} wonderland

This has to be my all time favorite picture from Domino magazine, this describes me perfectly in an alice and wonderland kind of way, which by the way the reason I chose the name of my blog to be e & design wonderland is because I am quite fond of the movie and I love the out of the box imagination of things in the movie and I like to apply that to design like re-purposing things for a one of a kind use that really will really show case the personality of the object rather than fit the normal expectation of the object. My decorating style is a lot bit whimsical mixed with classic and relaxed plus a whole lot of detail and many points of interest otherwise I just get bored. To me this photo has a alice in wonderland relaxed go with the flow feel to it that I just love.

Textile Queen

I love these fabrics I have no idea where I found them but none the less I love them....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ebay why don't you love me?

First Blueprint then Domino why do all the greats in the magazine world disappear, currently I am bidding on some back issues of Blueprint on ebay and I even got those dang counters that tell you down to the the wire how much time is left in the auction, and I just can't win! I'm freaking out a little can you tell? My love for magazines is a little out of control...I know...maybe they offer MOA class to help me "MOA",  meaning Magazine Obsessions Anonymous, or not....please if you have any tips to help me win COMMENT below asap!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little White Tree

Found this little cutie and can't wait to make one myself I have a slight obsession with white trees even wooden ones apparently. This is a golden Christmas opportunity so grab some dowel rods cut them slightly larger and taper towards the top also criss crossing them to form a cross hot glue them in the center and just stack alternating every which a way and voila! Oh and don't forget to paint them white and let them completely dry first..wink ;) happy tree creating, below I have finally put my tree up despite my crazy hectic lifestyle..running a business, keeping house,buying Christmas presents which as you can see below I am currently failing at, but don't you worry they will be there Santa is coming to town real soon and he will save me.
My little daily delight of a Christmas tree, my poor husband... and his overly feminine wife makes him suffer yet another year with the white tree adorned with gold bows & pink and silver antique ornaments, ahhh the joy it brings to my life, this is a picture of me below after I saw it lit for the first time. I love Christmas!

Don't I just look so delighted?

Festive Food and Beautiful Pictures

Eye candy for the day.... which by the way got me thinking while I was reading one of my favorite blogs talking about being a prop stylist that it really would be fun to do that one day doesn't the very top photo look even more delicious the way it is arranged? I love it, so festive and fun, I need to add that to the top of my"what I want to be when I grow up" list.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Missing my good friend today...

Don't you just hate that time goes by so fast in life? Now my friend Kylee is married with a cute little family and one on the way! Life is so crazy that we are now old enough to be parents and married and all the stuff we used to dream about and have sleep overs and talk about now we are living that future! I love you Kylee miss you lots. Her cute family photographs were taken by NatalieLawPhotography

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Note to self

When times get hard or stressful....
Be a lover....

And.....take time to rest or "smell the roses" if you will...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anthropologie of the day...

Yes please.