Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little White Tree

Found this little cutie and can't wait to make one myself I have a slight obsession with white trees even wooden ones apparently. This is a golden Christmas opportunity so grab some dowel rods cut them slightly larger and taper towards the top also criss crossing them to form a cross hot glue them in the center and just stack alternating every which a way and voila! Oh and don't forget to paint them white and let them completely dry first..wink ;) happy tree creating, below I have finally put my tree up despite my crazy hectic lifestyle..running a business, keeping house,buying Christmas presents which as you can see below I am currently failing at, but don't you worry they will be there Santa is coming to town real soon and he will save me.
My little daily delight of a Christmas tree, my poor husband... and his overly feminine wife makes him suffer yet another year with the white tree adorned with gold bows & pink and silver antique ornaments, ahhh the joy it brings to my life, this is a picture of me below after I saw it lit for the first time. I love Christmas!

Don't I just look so delighted?


Emma said...

i love your tree so much. it is perfect!

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