Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Un-traditional Halloween

I'm getting into the Halloween spirit at the last minute this year! I decided to forgo the usual carving pumpkins and all the black/orange festivities and instead I planned a Halloween vacation, yes you heard right I said vacation, which is well needed and well deserved! So here's the plans...take a drive to the beautiful St. George, stay in the nicest hotel I can find and go to bed (because it will be too late to do anything)! Wake up, visit one of my husband and I's favorite breakfast places in town and chill in the wonderful 70 degree weather all day sipping pina coladas by the pool, celebrate Halloween night by driving up to see the show "Thriller" at Tuacahn, then come back and relax from all the fun! Happy Halloween Vacation to us! Happy Halloween to you :)


Emma said...

oh my goodness i'm so jealous! i hope you guys have so much fun!

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