Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Two words NEW MOON. For those of you who saw it last night and sat in a line in the freezing cold for two and half hours before show time, hello, so worth it. Last night was rather an eventful evening while standing in line I had my Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate in one hand and a faithful rice crispy in the other and after fifteen minutes they were both frozen and no good at that point so I decided to be-friend some girls standing next to me and they challenged me to a game of yahtzee while we listened to tunes from back in the day...shameful as this is to admit we listened to a little Mmbop yes we did and it was fabulous sitting in the parking lot on the freezing cold ground (next time there will be a blanket involved in this) for hours while we anticipated and mind you, sacrificed being in the warm!.......Well?.... was it worth it I THINK SO YES, funny as it is I'm not even one of the real Twilight fanatics but because there were so many that were I was forced to get my butt out there and freeze too! And so glad I did by the way...

PS-I love you husband you are better than Edward for standing by my side the whole time!


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