Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photography 101: The Challenge

I'm afraid it's time...time to read this baby from front to cover and learn anything and everything I can about the amazing surprise gift that my husband got me last year! While shopping I was in line returning some goods and my husband said that he would switch on and off in the line with me because it was so long because we were going to have to be there for like an hour, meanwhile I'm standing in line and I'm looking around he is no where to be found and by this point I'm starting to get upset that he isn't keeping his end of the bargain and just when I thought I was going to have to leave this line and go find him he came up behind me with a bag and said I have a surprise for you...anyway long story short he said I couldn't look until we got home and I was stunned when I did, there in that bag was the most precious gift anyone could have given me, a Nikon D40 little device that could encompass so many of my life passions all in one (being in nature, design, capturing priceless moments, creativity, and so on) anyways so you get the point but now the time has arrived for me to take the plunge, and so the challenge is on I will read this from front to back, no excuses, and guess what after I'm done I am so going to need practice so take hold you photo loving people and come be my guinea pigs so I can get good at this! 


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