Friday, November 13, 2009

Smokey Eyes

Today I'm reminiscent of the days when I used to work for the makeup company Stila. So I thought what would be better then to share with you some insider tips on the classic smokey eye (although I prefer a more subtle smokey eye) (like this one pictured above) using dark browns and greys instead of that sometimes harsh all black look. So here is the step by step I got when I flew out to LA for an exclusive Stila makeup training.

#1- Apply concealer to the eyelid to keep the shadow in place

#2- Apply a loose powder to underneath the eye for any stray shadow to fall (this makes for an easy way to sweep it away when your all done)

Tip* If you have small eyes you really should stay away from black it will only make them appear even smaller.

#3- Line the lash line filling in the spaces between the hairs (avoid a thick line keep it thin and close to the lashes) choosing a color that is brown or grey will be more flattering on most people.

#4-Choose an eyeshadow with three similar shades going from light, to med, to dark.

Tip* When applying the shadow use an eyeshadow brush that is rounded at the top and instead of sweeping the shadow start with the lightest color and press the shadow into the lid.

#5-Start with the lightest color at the lash line and blend pressing the shadow (instead of sweeping) over the eyeliner line and moving up.

#6- Repeat with the medium color above the light and then the darkest color above the medium continuing to press and pack onto the lid. (Make sure you keep the color on the lid only with all three colors making sure not to go into the crease.)

#7-Use a small thin brush to apply the darkest color to the outer corner of the eye and blend.

#8-Apply mascara sweeping the lashes outward toward the outer corner of the eye instead of straight up this gives a lifted look to the eye and makes the eye appear more almond shape.

#9-Sweep away loose powder under the eye with a powder brush.

#10-Lining the inner bottom of the eye is an option the most flattering is when you line the bottom with the shadow for a softer line and then blend. 

So that's it your all done! Ready to enjoy a night on the town now?


Emma said...

i love the smokey eye look with greys and browns but i haven't quite been able to wear it myself because of my fair skin. i just can't seem to pull it off!

erin said...

You can do it with more flattering colors for fair skin types with the same techniques as above and voila you'll be good to go. If you choose browns choose them with gold in them gold will warm your fair skin and it will won't be a harsh look like black. Charlize Theron comes to mind when I think of a blonde getting the smokey eye just right :) hope this helps. I will post a blonde smokey eye as well...thanks for the comment

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